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Controlled heating and cooling processes applied in solid form in order to give the desired mechanical and structural properties to metal alloys is called Heat Treatment. We have three heat treatment furnaces in Çemtaş. By using these furnaces, the softening and annealing processes of the round bars are carried out. The heating of our heat treatment furnaces is carried out with the help of environmentally friendly burners that work with natural gas and heat the combustion air spontaneously.

Batch Type Furnace

In our atmosphere-controlled Batch Type furnace, the atmosphere is controlled by nitrogen use, which prevents decarbonization and scale formation on the material surface. Stress relieving, softening annealing and Spheroidizing processes are carried out in our Batch Type furnace for materials up to 12 meters in length during one cycle.

Quench and Temper Furnaces

Another type of heat treatment applied in Çemtaş is Quench & Tempering. With the quench and tempering system composed of an austenizing furnace, a quenching system and a tempering furnace, austenization, normalization, quenching and tempering operations are applied to bars up to 8 meters long. Thanks to the angled positioning of the relays and the V-type bearings in the relays, the bars also rotate around themselves as they move through the furnace and the quenching system.
After homogeneous heating of the rotating rods, homogeneous cooling is achieved by quenching from two directions in the spray type quenching system. In this way, very homogeneous mechanical values are obtained without distortions and twisting. Depending on the steel quality and size, water or a polymer-water mixture is used in the quenching process.

The martensite structure obtained after quenching is very hard and brittle in this state. The quenched bars are heated to lower temperatures than austenitization, which is called tempering, so that the mechanical values ​​are in the desired ranges.