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Rolling mill

Rolling mill

ROLLING MILL is the department that billet prepared in MELT SHOP is rolled with in the tolerances according to size demanded by the customers.

The billets produced need to be rolled in a modern and efficient steel rolling mill for high quality steel production. For this purpose, in 1998, the first modernization of the rolling mill department was completed and in 2015 with the second modernization of ÇEMTAŞ SBQ ROLLING MILL UNIT, new products added to the production range. With a capacity of 210.000 ton/year  ÇEMTAŞ SBQ ROLLING MILL is equipped with the state of the art computer automation required by the modern rolling process.

The Rolling mill department consists of the following units:

• 50 tons / hour capacity
• Atmosphere and Temperature Control
• Level-1 and Level-2 automation control

• Water spray at 350-400 bar pressure
• Primary descaling prior to preparation process 

• Automation controlled Reversing Roughing Mill
• Fixed rolling axis, automatic sliding stand

• Before and during the continuous rolling mill,  secondary scale cleaning in 3 different zones
• Secondary scale cleaning with a minimum of 100 bar pressure in each zone

• 6 Stands (3 Horizontal and 3 Vertical Stands)
• Computer controlled

• 6 Stands (3 Horizontal and 3 Vertical Stands)
• Computer controlled

• 100% measurement,
• 3 laser measurement units, 360 ° dimension scan

• Determination of cooling regime according to quality groups
• Partly covered system for controlled cooling
• Piling ability for flat bars

• Two shot blasting machines (Schlick, Endumak)
• Two straightening machines (Bronx England, Bronx Taylor-Wilson)

The reheating furnace has a capacity of 50 tons / hour.
 Furnace temperature in each zones, furnace  pressure, combustion air, flue gas temperatures, air and fuel quantities can be controlled by computer or manually. By these controls, the scale formed at the surface of the billet during annealing is  minimum thickness. In this way, material loss is prevented and a significant advantage is provided in production costs. Besides possible surface defects that can occur related to scale during rolling process are prevented.

After the furnace exit, the billets goes into the descaling unit for surface scale removal.

Descaling Unit-1
The scale layer on the surface of the billet is cleaned with a pressure of 350-400 bars of water spray generated from four rotating tornado heads, each containing 8 nozzles. 3 pumps are used to obtain high pressure. By spraying the pressurized water spray with a rotary motion from the tornado heads, maximum cleaning action is achieved on the surface of the billet for the rolling process.

Sliding Roughing Stand
Before the continuous rolling process, the billets are rolled in the sliding roughing mill. It is a duo stand system with a sliding reverse mechanism,. The delivery of materials to the rollers, orientation, and adjustment of the measurements is controlled by automation program.

Descaling Unit-2
It is a secondary scale cleaning unit within the rolling process. After the roughing mill, the secondary scale layer (iron-oxide)  formed on surface of the rolled material is cleaned with water spray of minimum 100 bar water pressure in 3 different zones located before and inside the continuous rolling mill. Pressurized water sprayed on the surface of the bar effectively cleans the scale layer and enhances the surface quality of the finish material.

Intermediate and Finishing Continuous Mills
The continuous mill group consists of twelve rolling stands, composed of 6 stands intermediate and 6 stands finishing mill all in H- V configuration. Intermediate rolling group was commissioned with the investments in 2015. The finishing mill group automation made in 1998 is also revised with the latest systems of rolling technology. As a result of these investments, production with precise tolerances with advanced technology advantages has been achieved. Material flow, speed and other parameters can be simulated on the operation screens with the process to provide simultaneous control.

Instant Dimension Measurement Gauge
Each bar produced is passed through the 100% size control by the instant dimension measuring device at the end of the finishing mill. This device uses 3 rotary laser units to perform instant scan of dimensions  and display the results online. With this measurement it is checked that conformity to standards according to the profiles of the bars is produced within tolerances. The system is computer controlled and production is controlled and standardized. 

The rolled bars are cut into multiple lengths between 25 to 42 m. with a flying shear at the exit of continuous mill. 
The rolled bars reach to cooling bed after rolling. The cooling bed is partially covered at the enterence to enable controlled slow cooling at the begining The piling system is designed to provide controlled cooling of the flat bars and allows the materials to cool in contact with each other which provides slow and controlled cooling.
In the round section production, the products are taken to the grill as two bars at the same time by the double notch system and the slow cooling is achieved. 

In addition to these systems, there is also a cooling speed control and slow cooling lids that allow slow cooling of steels with air hardenability in the cooling grid.

Shot Blasting Machine (2 PCS) 
In this unit, it is provided to clean scale layer on the surface with shot blasting method on the surface of round material before straightening. Sputtered steel balls break and reduce the scale layer on the surface of the material. A smooth surface enhances the sensitivity to detect faults. 

Straightening Machine (2 PCS) 
Straightening Machine is used for straightening of as rolled round bars with a precision of 1 mm/m. between Ø15 - Ø90 mm. Thanks to the special design of the rolls, force is applied on the bar at three points and the bar is straightened with maximum precision


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