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ÇEMTAŞ, a publicly-held joint-stock company established on 27.01.1970 with the participation of industrialists, businessmen, small craftsmen and public entrepreneurs from Bursa on 27.01.1970 to operate on a land of 101 acres in Bursa, Organized industrial area; "Furnace Skilled Steel Producer" in Turkey and produces steel according to TS, DIN, AISI, SAE norms and special orders.

The number of founding partners in the beginning is 863 and the company's capital is 15 TL. And with our capital increases, our common census is approximately 5,000 and our capital is 100,975,680 TL.

- On 09.01.1972, ÇEMTAŞ, which commissioned steelworks unit, applied ingot casting system in electric arc furnace with 30.000 Ton / year capacity.

- In 1973 our company has raised its capital to 50 TL and started to invest in the rolling mill unit.

- In 1976, the number of shares of the company increased by 75 TL and the year 1976 was the year that the rolling shop investment activities were completed at the same time and the first rolling product was bought by the end of the year.

- In 1981, ÇEMTAŞ increased its capital to 150 TL. In 1985, when it came to 1985, it initiated qualified remedial and bottleneck remedial and modernization works and this time increased its capital to 1,500 TL.

- Investments were completed in 1986. In the previous years, the casting system, which prevented the production of particularly qualified steel and disturbed the quality of the product, was abandoned and the continuous casting system was abandoned. Thus, the production capacity reached 36.000 tons.
The management, which seeks to catch up with the modern technology at ÇEMTAŞ, took over the modernization of Steel production line when it came to 1988.

• 30 Tons of cast iron
• 30-ton pot furnace
• 30 ton vacuum unit
• Automatic alloy addition system
• Carbon injection unit
• Wire injection unit and
• Dust holding unit

Feasibility studies on the investments of the main unit started.

ÇEMTAŞ has increased its capital to 18.000 TL in 1990 and accelerated its investment activities and successfully completed the first trial casting in November 1990.

By the end of 1990, ÇEMTAŞ has increased its production capacity to 130.000 Tons / year by completing its investment at a record time.

ÇEMTAŞ, which raised its capital to TL 57,600 in 1991, started to modernize the steel mill continuous casting machine in 1993.

With the investment incentive certificate, the aim was to obtain steel products with the desired properties in the special steels by providing fully automatic control, full closed flow, and magnetic mixture and slow cooling without human incidence in the production of qualified steel.

In the first half of May 1995, the trial was passed and then full capacity normal production was passed.

Due to the modernization in steel house, the existing steel production capacity has increased due to the increase in the qualified steel structure, so it is necessary to construct the Rolling Mill Expansion and Modernization Investment which will process the whole steel product billets by rolling and provide new and better quality products.

ÇEMTAŞs capital was raised to 288.000 TL in May of 1997 with the reason of the rolling mill investment calculated as 3 - 3,5 Million TL. In addition, the Extraordinary General Assembly was held on 16.06.1997 and the registered capital system was transferred to the registered capital system and the capital was increased to 1.152.000 TL in August 1997 and 2.304.000 TL in November 1997 in the registered capital ceiling of 3.000.000 TL .

Investments in the modernization of rolling mills, which were attached to the incentive certificate on 

18.12.1995, were completed by the end of 1998. Within the scope of the incentive certificate dated 16.06.1998 dated 16.06.1998, we initiated the investment for environmental protection in our existing facility and completed the investment of the most advanced technological steel production plants dust collection system in the first quarter of 1999.

In the General Assembly of the year 1998 held on 23.03.1999, the Registered Capital Ceiling of our Company was 6,000,000 TL from TL 3,000,000 and 16,500 from the registered capital ceiling of TL 6,000,000 at the 1999 Ordinary General Assembly held on 23.03.2000. The registered capital of TL 60.000.000 from the registered capital of TL 16.000.000 and the amount of registered capital of TL 60.000.000 from the Ordinary General Meeting of 2007 held on March 4, 2008 were recorded in the 2004 Ordinary General Assembly held on 29.03.2005, Our grandmother has been increased to 190.000.000 TL. At the Ordinary General Meeting of the Company in 2012 dated 22 March 2013, the time to reach the registered capital ceiling was extended until the end of 2017. The Company's paid-up and paid-up capital is TL 100,975,680 as of the latest date.

Our steel production plant with its steel production capacity of 153,149 tons / year and heat treatment line with its 228,157 tons / year rolled product capacity has a total of 462 employees as of 30.06.2019.

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