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Stabilizer Bar

In addition to serving automotive and machinery industries in the field of quality steel, Çemtaş also provides service to vehicle manufacturers as a producer of stabilizer bars. Installed in 3000 m² closed area, our stabilizer bar production line can produce equipped or non-equipped solid stabilizer bars in a diameter range of 13 - 80 mm. Our automation-oriented investments continue and continuous improvement efforts are consistently ongoing for our existing equipment, with the focus on safety, high quality and low cost.

Including hot rolling and subsequent peeling operations, raw materials used for stabilizer bar manufacturings are produced at Çemtaş facilities,. In addition to our extensive steel laboratories, we also have an additional laboratory that can fully meet our stabilizer bar customers’ requirements. With the flexibility achieved, we are able to respond very quickly to our customers' requests. Furthermore, with our knowledge of raw materials, experiences and extensive laboratories, we are able to propose most suitable raw materials to our customers.

Supported by CAD/CAM/CAE applications, our experienced engineering department has the ability to design new stabilizer bars for our customers as well as offering better suggestions to the existing designs. In addition to the design of stabilizer bars, we also have experience and knowledge on the design of the assembly components of the bars (link, bracket, bush, etc.). 

Since the tool design and tool productions needed for the manufacturing of stabilizer bars are done in-house, we offer the fastest and lowest costs to our customers for serial production.

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