Production Peeling and Straightening
Peeling and Straightening

Peeling and Straightening

Hot rolled, sandblasted and straightened round bars are taken to the non-destructive inspection units to check inner and surface defects. After these inspections, Ø15 to ø85 mm round materials are ready for peeling and straightening - polishing operations.
Peeling and straightening machines of Cemtas are manufactured by SMS - SCHUMAG with the latest technology. The peeling machine is PM-2 type and is the first and unique in Turkey. Two rolls straightening-polishing machine is WRP 100B type. The peeling and straightening-polishing operations are carried out fully automatically from the material loading of the peeling side to the straightening-polishing machine exit unit.
h9 diameter tolerance according to EN 10278 can be guaranteed at the end of the peeling and straightening - polishing operations.

Round bars at the exit of the peeling machine, are free from surface defects and diameter range is between ø 12 mm and ø 80 mm.

Straightening – Polishing
With the WRP 100 B precision straightening-polishing machine, nearly grinded surface roughness and straightness of 0.5 mm / m are obtained. Surface roughness values after peeling and straightening-polishing operations are;

  Ra Rz
Peeling <= 2,5 <= 15
Straightening-Polishing <= 0,8 <= 6

Cut to Length
Hot rolled or peeled - straightened round bars can be cut to length according to customer request. Cutting to length is carried out with a NC type circular saw blade machine automatically. Minimum cutting length is 10 mm and cutting length tolerances are;

Cutting Length Length tolerance    
  10 mm   <= KB <= 150 mm +/- 0.1 mm
150 mm < KB <= 300 mm +/- 0.2 mm
300 mm < KB <= 500 mm +/- 0.5 mm
  500 mm < KB <= 1,000 mm +/- 0.8 mm

Chamfering with 30 ° - 45 ° - 60 ° angle and  chamfering lengths between 2 - 5 mm with +/-1 mm tolerance can be obtained in our chamfering machine.


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