Production Meltshop


In Meltshop, scrap that is selected according to the grade produced and customer's special demands are melted in 30 ton capacity Electric Arc Furnace and then ladle with liquid steel is subjected to alloying and refining, vacuum degassing and wire injection processes in the ladle furnace in a sequence.After that,the ladle is carried to Continuous Casting Machine.In this machine,we produce 140x140, 160x160 or 200x200 billets.The billets are produced via level1 and level2 full automatic computer system.

Electric Arc Furnace (AC)

  •  30 tons - DEMAG (GERMANY)
  •  Eccentric bottom tapping. (EBT)
  •  25 MVA UHP transformer power
  •  Level1 process monitoring system
  •  Water cooled panel and cover
  •  Oxy-fuel burner system
  •  C and O2 lance manipulator
  •  720,000 m3 / h capacity dust collecting system

Ladle Furnace 1 (AC)

  •  30 tons - DEMAG
  •  Full automatic alloying system
  •  5 MVA transformer power
  •  Level1 process monitoring system
  •  Wire Injection System
  •  Soluble O2 measurement (Electro Nite Multi Lab III) in liquid steel and in slag.
  •  Dissolved H2 measurement in liquid steel (Electro Nite Hydris)

Vacuum Degassing

  • 30 ton capacity - Messo (Germany)
  • Tank type - Steam ejector
  • Level1 Process monitoring system

Ladle Furnace 2 (AC)

  •  30 tons - CVS
  •  Wire injection system
  •  5 MVA transformer power
  •  Level1 process monitoring system
  •  Soluble O2 measurement (Electro Nite Multi Lab III) in liquid steel and in slag.
  •  Dissolved H2 measurement in liquid steel (Electro Nite Hydris)

Continuous Casting Machine

  •  Concast - Switzerland
  •  2 (+1) strands
  •  Closed Casting System with Stopper Control
  •  140x140 - 160x160 - 200x200 cross section billets production capacity.
  •  In-Mold Magnetic Stirrer (MEMS)
  •  Final Magnetic Stirrer (FEMS)
  •  Hydraulic Mold Oscillation System
  •  Automatic mold powder feeding system
  •  Ladle Slag detection system
  •  Air mist water cooling system
  •  Oxy-fuel billet cutting system
  •  Level 1 and Level 2 process monitoring systems
  •  Billet Marking machine (Stamping Machine)

Electric Arc Furnace

The electric arc furnace having 25 MVA Transformer power has 30 tons lıquid steel  capacity and equipped with 2 jet burner and 1 normal burner.(These burners with new 25 MVA transformer was installed may 2017). The electric arc furnace is EBT (Eccentric Bottom Tapping) type and the panels are water cooled. In addition, it has a C and O2 lance manipulator.

The benefit of the EBT system is that the arc furnace slag is not carried into the ladle during tapping.

With the investments made in 2013 and 2015, the electric arc furnace has been modernized, the volume of it has been increased, the dust collection system has been improved and a new combustion chamber has been made to protect the environment
.In 2017, the electric arc furnace has been modernized again,The tranformer capacity was increased from 18 MVA to 25 MVA,2 Jet burner and 1 normal burner were installed to Electric Arc Furnace .In addition to those modernisations,new cooling system (hair pin cooler) was built to promote the existing dust collecting system capacity..Thanks to these modernisations,Electric Arc Furnace has been made more efficient and more productive.

Ladle Furnace

It has 5 MVA transformers power. In the ladle furnaces that have high technology equipments, alloying and refining processes are applied according to the targeted chemical analysis of the liquid steel which tapped from Electric Arc Furnace with enough temperature. All impurities and residues in the liquid steel are removed from the liquid steel by refining in the ladle furnace
Vacuum Degassing

This stage has a very important role in the production of special steel. The oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen gases dissolved in the liquid steel cause many harmful effects. Vacuum degassing processing aims to remove these gasses which are dissolved in liquid steel, with argon gas stirring under vacuum.
Wire Injection Systems

Aluminum, Calcium, Sulfur, Carbon, Titanium, Boron wires are injected to the liquid steel to reach the target chemical composition of the grade.The amount of wire is determined by the chemical composition of the grade.
 Wire injection systems are fully automatic and PLC controlled.

Continuous Casting Machine

After finishing of all operations, the liquid steel is sent to Continuous Casting Machine.In Continuous Casting Machine,liquid metal is converted to solid billets.
With this machine, only 140x140 and 160x160 billets could be produced until 2014,But  in 2014,due to modernization investments,The production of 200x200 section was started.
The continuous casting machine is fully computer controlled and equipped with high technology equipment. This machine is equipped with a multi-stage cooling system to achieve cooling more stable ,mould and final EMS (Electro Magnetic Stirrer) to make the internal structure more homogeneous and  level1 and level2 control systems to monitor all  stage of production. In Continuous Casting Machine,casting is done on closed system to prevent reoxidation. This machine has a very important place in the production of special steel.


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