ÇEMTAŞ, a publicly-held joint-stock company established on 27.01.1970 with the participation of industrialists, businessmen, small craftsmen and public entrepreneurs from Bursa on 27.01.1970 to operate on a land of 101 acres in Bursa, Organized industrial area; "Furnace Skilled Steel Producer" in Turkey and produces steel according to TS, DIN, AISI, SAE norms and special orders.



ÇEMTAŞ, serving the world's automotive and machinery industries with qualified steel, also serves to the main OEM’s with its stabilizer bars. With its crude steel capacity of 180,000 tons / year ÇEMTAŞ can produce more than 300 steel grades, in more than 1,500 cross-sections of round bar, spring steel flat bar, steel flat bar. ÇEMTAŞ can easily respond to the changing demands of domestic and foreign markets with the contribution of technology accumulation and human power.


Our R&D Studies

After completion of the preparations for the R & D center in 2015, ÇEMTAŞ was announced to be the first research and development center in the quality steel production area and  222nd of Turkey by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology on 26 November 2015 within the context of the Act on Support of the Research and Development Activities No. 5746.


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