Corporate Policy of Environment –Occupational Health and Security Policy

Policy of Environment –Occupational Health and Security Policy

Principles acknowledged by us for reducing to minimum the ratio of environmental size of our activities were summarized in OUR ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY. Establishment of Environmental team to effect supervision and inspection of our liabilities to be obeyed by us pursuant to environmental regulations, environmental training held toward our employees are some of our active performances.

•    In the structure of ÇEMTAŞ producing qualified steel from waste scrap, all personnel beginning from headquarters are taking all precautions for reducing of risks to be occurred in terms of environment and work safety.
•    Risks to be possibly occurring in terms of environment and work safety are taken into consideration, and for those offering higher importance, activities are started.
•    It is acknowledged as a principle to protect natural sources and to realize energy save.
•    It covenants to comply with legal and other provisions regarding environment and work safety.
•    It gives support that suppliers and subcontractors would be organizations who are responsible against environment and work safety.
•    Requisite precautions are taken to ensure health and safety of personnel, subcontractors and visitors.
•    Studies are made for reduction of wastes created within its structure
•    Risk of environment and work safety to be made are taken into consideration in new investments planned.
•    For getting well-intelligence about environment and work safety by the employees and subcontractors, continuous training is instructed.
•    It covenants to conduct requisite activities for continuous improvement of its performance, for which it supervises activities being made in connection with environment and work safety.


The most important factor in prevention of environmental influences is that of selecting environmentally friendly process. It gives importance therefore to process selection and to improve current processes in terms of environment. 
ÇEMTAŞ, at the end of this sensitivity regarding environment was awarded with A type Emission Certificate and Certificate of Praise for Environment Protection by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality.
ÇEMTAŞ received TS ISO EN 14000 Environmental Management System Certificate in 2007.
ÇEMTAŞ received the Environmental Permit Certificate in 2012.


Another important factor in prevention of environmental effects is that of determination and contemplation of environmental risks. In our corporation, precautions dependent upon risks are taken. Environment management was introduced with ÇEMTAŞ in 2007 and it continues effecting studies for appointing of legal liabilities, for checking wastes in the complex, for instructing environmental training, for supervising environmental performance and in other environmental activities. 

For all chemicals used in our corporation, Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are accompanied by labor environment. For practicing in industrial circumstance of accidents constituting another risk (such as fire, explosion), Emergency Scenarios and Plans are issued and contemplated.


The most important factor in monitoring environmental performance is that of creating effective environmental measurement and monitoring system. For this purpose, measurement is made under the supervision of accredited organization approved by the Ministry of Environment and Forest.


The most important factor to be appointed stability and efficiency of all of these activities that shall increase environmental performance of our corporation is of course the employees. Corporate intelligence of environment is assured to survive by means of environmental trainings held every year.


ÇEMTAŞ, as an indicator of company culture, does not consider investments made for environment to be an additional factor of cost in its administration system, on the contrary, it acknowledges such an approach to be a factor assuring a superiority in the market.
ÇEMTAŞ STEEL PLANT DE-DUSTING UNIT is operating since 1999 for employing in a good and clean steel factory, for living in a nice and clean Bursa city to reach at environmental standardization stipulated as a pre-condition in all range of production and trading in the world.

   Furthermore, ÇEMTAŞ is one of only two corporations in the Organized Industrial Zone, which are separating rain water substructure and waste water substructure and not allowing rain water and waste water to mix each other.

     For the sake of assuring manufacture of its own products under completely reliable conditions and for prevention of scraps bearing radioactive contamination from melting, it completed investment studies and plant installation of RADIOACTIVE MEASUREMENT SYSTEM which shall measure radioactivity degree of purchased scraps on the trucks. By the help of this system, every scrap carrying trucks entering into ÇEMTAŞ shall be subjected to radioactivity control and any scraps not conforming shall not be purchased.

     Upon establishment of RADIOACTIVITY MEASUREMENT system, our company one more time proved its sensitivity against environment on account of its activities raising up its product quality one grade more.

     In this connection, sensitivity exhibited by ÇEMTAŞ keeping its solid and liquid wastes under control, reducing its dust emission to 5mgr/Nm3 value according to standardization 50 Mgr/Nm3 in connection with the issue of INDUSTRY and ENVIRONMENT gives us proud.

Our corporation shall continue to be an ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY ORGANISATION giving precedence to Environmental Values on account of its support given to Waste Removal Systems, Studies for Measurement and Monitoring of Contamination/Pollution, Environmental Investments, Training Studies and Organization outside efforts.

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