Corporate Human Resources Policy

Human Resources Policy

Human factor has become one of the most important factors for enabling organizations to survive and to assure competitive superiority in the globalized world and the environment of hard competition.With this awareness, human resources process in ÇEMTAŞ; process of human resource in ÇEMTAŞ conducts practices of contemporary human resources for realization to employ qualified workmanship and for achievement of this power in the best efficient way. Our corporation considers that corporate success may only be achieved by employment of those who are well-informed, experienced, admitting his business for himself as an occupation, well-motivated, feeling himself belong to this corporation and it aims at raising employees satisfaction to upper point by making continuous investment to its personnel.
For this purpose, practices in ÇEMTAŞ of human resources are regulated and applicable by description, evaluation and planning of current businesses or to be established in the future, determination and allocation of permanent personnel and stable and equitable distribution and appointment of duties and rights of company’s personnel currently employed and creating bilateral and fair practice standardization enabling employees to develop themselves by equitable opportunities.

Occupational health and Safety

ÇEMTAŞ is aware of the fact that the most important source for a company is human resources and it carries out a lot of activities on on the safety and health of its employees.  Health and Safety Management Committee, which has been a permanent committee of ÇEMTAŞ that has been operating according to OHSAS 18000 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, holds monthly meetings and carries out one month evaluation studies.
Apart from this, all departments’ Divisional Occupational Safety responsibilities are determined, there is also an Occupational Health and Safety Working Group consisting of departmental job security officers, environmental manager and job security manager.
This group reports its activities to the Occupational Health and Safety Council at monthly meetings to assist Occupational Health and Safety Committee to better organize and follow up on occupational safety activities, and to make new operational decisions in line with needs, and to plan actions for the next period. Again in the scope of Occupational Health and Safety studies, Occupational Safety risk analyzes are prepared. In order to prevent accidents, near-miss form is used. Occupational Safety Expert carries out periodical field controls and reports faults seen in the field. In order to prevent the recurrence of work incidents, the cause of the accident is investigated by using accident-case investigation and research forms and studies are being done to prevent the recurrence of the accident.

Within the training activities, all of our employees are provided with Occupational Health and Safety trainings.


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